Euro Asia Packaging -- Trip to Zhuhai Chime Long Ocean Park

August 21, 2014 From:China Cans Clicks:4044 Share to

On 17, August 2014, all staff of the company and some of their family members went for a day-trip to Zhuhai Chime Long Ocean Park. As a benefit for the staff, the trip brought great happiness for the staff.


On that day, staff was on a tour bus heading for Zhuhai Chime Long Ocean Park. Everyone, staff and their families, was singing all the way, felling at ease.

In the colorful Ocean Park, all sorts of rare polar Marine animals, diverse amusement facilities and dazzling fireworks display gave everyone an unforgettably nice day!

Our company has always been adhering to the management idea of "people-orientation". We pay great attention to the amateur life of employees. Each year, an outing is organized for employees as a way to relax themselves. After loosening their body and mind, the staff will be more enthusiastic to work in the future.

Picture taken before departure (staff and their family members)

The colorful ocean park

Exciting roller coaster

Splendid fire plays

After the trip, a photography competition was held. Staff could sent their pictures taken on the trip to the administrators. Prizes were awarded to great pictures.