Research development and

    We are bold, excellent and persistent in innovation. We aim to reform, to forge nuclear capacity and to enhance value through through innovation.

    We regard technology as the base of existence and development, devoting ourselves to the technology research development and innovation, and succeeded in establishing a national pioneering technological research development center, which focuses on applications of metal packaging, international frontier technology and overall solutions.

    A powerful team of technician--we have the first batch of managers and technological researchers working within the aluminum aerosol cans industry. These staff members are experienced in undertaking research and development roles within the aluminum aerosol can industry. Among them are experts within the field, technical experts and sales talents, they possess a thorough understanding of the industry, an acute insight of the market, strong adaptability and innovative skills.

    Continuous investment into research and development -- Adhering to the requirements of innovative enterprises,we allocate a large amount capital as research funds every year. Moreover, this sum is increasing year by year.

    Long term external cooperation-- We have close ties with China Packaging Association, China Environmental Protection Association, China Food Production Industry Association, Professional Beer Committee, etc. We have established strategic partnership with institutions such as Sun Yet-Sen University, South China Polytechnic University, Human polytechnic University, Zhongshan Huoju Vocational Institution and Guangzhou Quality Inspection Research Institute, sharing technical information within the industry, and promoting academic research in production.

    Efficient transfer ability -- We have national level research and development center, provincial level technology center and engineering center,we also have advanced research and development facilities, and have strong ties with various research institutions. One of our most precious advantage is the ability to transform technology-- Purchasing used equipment globally at an affordable price, and transform and upgrading these equipment with our expertise, which is comparable with the technical level of brand new production lines.