Guangdong Euro Asia

    Guangdong Euro Asia Packaging Limited Company is an enterprise specializing in the design, development, research and sales of aluminum aerosol cans. Its former company was Euro Asia Packaging (Zhongshan) Limited Company, established in June 2006. It was then restructured as a shareholding limited company in July, 2008.
    As the largest aluminum aerosol cans production company in China, Euro Asia Packaging currently possesses 12 advanced automatic aluminum production lines, satisfying the production of cans of different sizes ( with a diameter range of 22mm-66mm, and height ranging from 58mm-240mm) and styles. Our two factories have a capacity to hold all 12 of the automatic aluminum production lines. In August 2009, our company introduced a brand new automatic production line from Italy. This production line possesses the world’s most advanced 9-colour printing technology, and satisfy specific customer requirements. So far, Euro Asia has become the first aluminum cans manufacturer in China to own the 9-colour printing technology, and we are currently capable of producing over 200 million cans annually.
    The strict quality control systems implemented by our company. We have been awarded prestigious certificates, such as the ISO9001 certificate, pharmaceutical packaging registration certificate and the National Industrial Manufacturing Permit (Permit for the packing of hazardous goods for export), and we have attained the recognition of National Innovative Technology Enterprise. Our company possesses a team of experienced technical experts and production personnel. The technology center of our company has been recognized as a provincial enterprise technical center, and national patent has been granted to a number of our technology and products.